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Education in Nature
Homeschool Science Programs

Hands-on Science Classes for All Ages

Geology and Soil

Class 1

Elements of the Earth, Relationship Between Rock and Soil

Class 2 

Local Natural History - Local Eco-Regions, Glacial movement, Native                        American artifacts

Class 3  Soil Science - Soil Types and Their Properties, Growing Native Plants

Forest Study

Class 4 

Hike and Identify Trees and Herbaceous Plants, Discuss Birds,  Fungi, and other living things, Winter Tree ID 

Class 5  Forest Succession, Defining Local Forest Types, Land Management


Class 6 

Controlling, Conserving, and Harvesting Rainwater, Erosion, Watersheds

Class 7

Native Plants for Wildlife, Ecology, Edible Native Plants, Invasive Plants

Stream Exploration

Class 8

Geological Time Periods, Glacial Movement, Rock Formation Process, Fossils

Class 9

Stream Health, Water Quality Testing by Various Methods, Construction and Erosion

1 Class - $45 for one student, $30 for each additional student

Book 3 Classes and Save - $110 for one student, $75 for each additional student

Group Pricing - 4 to 8 Students, $20 per Student

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