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About Us

Bean Native Nursery & Consulting supplies native trees, shrubs, and perennials as well as an array of services as an ISA Certified Arborist.

Plant identification, pest diagnosis and treatment, landscaping services, and honeysuckle removal are just a few of our services.

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  • Tree Health Assessment

  • Honeysuckle/ Invasive Plant Removal

  • Garden Design

  • and More



Blue mist flower



Common milkweed

Eastern blue star

Hairy skullcap

Hoary mountain mint

Lance-leaf coreopsis

Maximillian sunflower


Trees & Shrubs 

Black cherry


Eastern redbud  

Eastern wahoo

Fragrant sumac


Kentucky coffeetree 

Ohio buckeye 


Red chokeberry                      Serviceberry  



Winged sumac

Witch hazel


...and more!

Is it time to go native in your landscape?

We can help!

Whether you're going for the clean, landscaped look or a more natural-looking landscape, let Bean Native Nursery & Consulting help you choose the right plants for your site. 


Installation services are available, or if you prefer to get dirty, let us prepare a design for you. 

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Land Services

  • Seed Application

  • Plant Installation

  • Invasive Plant Removal

  • Professional Mulching

  • Plant Health Care

  • Much more

Consulting Services


  • Tree Survey

  • Risk Assessment

  • Diagnosis

  • Reforestation Recommendations

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