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Our Plants Are:

  • Straight species (non cultivar)

  • Never sprayed

  • All native to SW Ohio

This is a great time for honeysuckle removal!

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About Us

Bean Native Nursery & Consulting supplies native trees, shrubs, and perennials as well as an array of services as an ISA Certified Arborist.

Plant identification, pest diagnosis and treatment, landscaping services, and honeysuckle removal are just a few of our services.

On-site Plant Sale

Saturday, May 1st 2021

9 am to 2 pm

7726 Bowen Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45255

No appointment necessary


Baptisia Baptisia australis

Blue mist flower Conoclinium coelestinum

Butterflyweed Asclepias tuberosa

Columbine Aquilegia canadensis 

Common milkweed Asclepias syriaca

Eastern blue star Amsonia tabernaemontana

Hairy skullcap Scutellaria elliptica

Hoary mountain mint Pycanthemum incanum

Lance-leaved coreopsis Coreopsis lanceolata

Maximillian sunflower Helianthus maximiliani

More perennials will be available by summer!

Trees & Shrubs 

American plum  

     Prunus americana      5-6 ft    $35

Black cherry 

     Prunus serotina      3 ft    $15


     Cephalanthus occidentalis    3 ft    $20

Eastern redbud  

     Cercis canadensis      2 ft    $15 

Eastern wahoo 

     Euonymus atropurpureus   1-2 ft   $12

Fragrant sumac  

     Rhus aromatica   3 ft   $25

Wild hydrangea 

     Hydrangea arborescens   1 ft   $10

Kentucky coffeetree 

      Gymnocladus dioicus   3 ft    $20

Ohio buckeye   

     Aesculus glabra      2 ft     $20


     Asimina triloba     1-2 ft    $12

Red chokeberry  

     Aronia arbutifolia  5 ft     $30                


     Amelanchier canadensis   5 ft   $25


     Lindera benzoin   3-4 ft   $25


     Calycanthus florida   3-4 ft  $25

Winged sumac   

     Rhus copallinum    3 ft   $20


     Ilex verticillata     4-5 ft  $25

Witch hazel   

     Hamemelis virginiana    3-4 ft  $25


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